Monday, 27 June 2016

Ethicomp/CEPE 2017 – Call for papers

The Ethicomp and CEPE communities opened up a call for papers for their joint conference on the values involved in the ethical use of computer and information technology. One of the tracks of the conference is “ICT and the City”. Fundamental in the vision of the “Smart City” is the promised improvement of various elements of urban governance through operating systems based on data and information. It is important to include in this discussion the specific needs of cities and various city users in order to develop the Smart City with the best interest of citizens at heart. For the papers of the Ethicomp/CEPE 2017 conference for the “ICT and the City”-track, authors are invited to ask, “What makes a good city?” and “How can ICTs contribute to uphold and promote the desirable aspects of city life?”

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